Maximilian Kolbe House of Meetings and Reconciliation is hosting volunteers since 1992, firstly as internships, then through European Voluntary Service Programme, Erasmus+ Programme and now - European Solidarity Corps. It has been a place of great diversity and enriching each other with varying point of views and different backgrounds, searching for cooperation and looking for solutions through dialogue in the areas where it is needed.

The volunteers helped us in organising and coordinating many project and events taking place in the House, and brought their own ideas into realisation. They coordinated and hosted youth exchange groups with non-formal educational programmes, artistic nad historical workshops, language courses, seminars and trainings. Their work has enriched our House, and they have learned and experienced a lot as well, about themselves, cooperation, team work, other cultures. For many of them it was a life-changing experience!

If you would like to be a part of our mission, and take part in long term volunteering with European Solidarity Corps programme, please contact us! 

volunteering coordinator - biuro@dmk.pl


New volunteers – welcome in Gdańsk!

Since this summer in DMK we have two new volunteers – Sophie and Daniel from Germany. This month has been vesy busy for them, as they took part in Tandempsrachkurs and right after they went for on-arrival training to Warsaw, organised by Polish National Agency – Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji. Right now they are preparing [...]


Previously EVS, Erasmus+, now – European Solidarity Corps! We invite motivated, open-minded people to join us in creating our projects, for a yearly volunteering experience in the historical heart of Gdańsk. Duration of the project: APRIL 2019 – MARCH 2021 Duration of volunteering: 12 months Number of volunteers per year: 2 Age: 18 – 30 [...]

New volunteer – Nicolle

Mam na imię Nicolle, mam 25 lat i pochodzę z Włoch. Niedawno zakończyłam moje studia magisterskie w dziedzinie stosunków międzynarodowych i dzięki programowi Erasmus+ miałam możliwość spędzenia dwóch semestrów w Polsce..

Wolontariusze w 2017 – Karina i Francesco

W roku 2017 w ramach programu Erasmus+, akcji Mobilność młodzieży (poprzednio EVS – Europejski Wolontariat Studencki) w DMK gościło dwóch wolontariuszy. Od sierpnia 2016 do lipca 2017 gościła u nas wolontariuszka z Niemiec, Karina Zander, z ramienia organizacji Sozialer Friedensdienst Bremen, natomiast od października 2016 do października 2017 gościł u nas Francesco Pizzolo z Włoch, [...]

Freiwilligendienst in Danzig – EVS, Erasmus+

Möchtest du deinen Europäischen Freiwilligendienst in Danzig erleben? Für das Jahr 2019/2020 suchen wir ab sofort Freiwilligen, zum Hilfe bei: Integrationsspiele Animation und Führungen der Gruppe in der Stadt Fotoberichte in sozialen Medien  Aushilfe bei der Organisierung des Projektes. Hast du Spaß am Umgang mit Menschen, magst du neue Erfahrungen im dynamischen, multikulturellen Raum? Möchtest [...]
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