New volunteers – welcome in Gdańsk!

Since this summer in DMK we have two new volunteers – Sophie and Daniel from Germany. This month has been vesy busy for them, as they took part in Tandempsrachkurs and right after they went for on-arrival training to Warsaw, organised by Polish National Agency – Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji. Right now they are preparing for Historical Forum of PNWM/DPWJ, that will take place on September 9-10th in Museum of II World War in Gdańsk. We are very happy to welcome them here and work together for the next year, and here are some words from them:

My name is Sophie Enders and I will be the new volunteer for the next year.
I arrived a few weeks ago from Berlin. How best to describe myself?
I am a very open and motivated person. I love to dance, to visit cultural events and getting to know new people.
I am very grateful for this opportunity however this year will definetly be a challenge, especially in self-development respects.
My motto: Live your best life today!

Hallo, mein Name ist Danielund ich werde hier im Dom Pojednania i Spotkań ein Jahr lang als europäischer Freiwilliger arbeiten.
Ein deutsch-polnischer Schüleraustausch meiner ehemaligen Schule hat mich dazu ermutigt nach dem Abitur ein Jahr im Ausland zu verbringen. Weshalb ich sehr zufrieden bin in einer Organisation aufgenommen worden zu sein, wlche eben diese das ganze Jahr über organisiert und koordiniert, und diese dabei zu unterstützen.

my name is Danieland I will work here in Dom Pojednania i Spotkań as an European volunteer for a year.A German-Polish student exchange of my former school encouraged me to spend a year abroad after completing high school. Which is why I am very happy to have been accepted into an organization, which organizes and coordinates them throughout the year and to support them.